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The Full Story


Forest-Edge is a brand based on the background of forests and following life. It hopes to bring you an interesting and international perspective through the things and current events in life. While getting to know the forest, it will add a little bit to your life Fun, that will be our greatest mission.


Every Friday at 5pm - <Forest Edge>
The edge of the forest will accompany you to get off work on time to live forest life, let us break through the framework of knowledge exploration together, and take everyone to find the ideal details of forest life in a relaxed and interesting way~

Every Tuesday at 9:00pm-<Forest Night>

Forest night time will accompany you to work overtime, read books, and bedside stories, so that you can spend the relaxing time at night with the company of the comfortable voice, and use the slow-living ginseng of the forest system to serve wine and dishes~

From casual chatting to detailed sharing, briefly introduce forest-related issues; blogs correspond to themes with clear logic and structure, take everyone to use 5-10 minutes, systematically cooperate with pictures and texts, and go deep into the core of the issues.

Follow Us

If you don't want to miss any interesting events, you are also welcome to follow our professional fans, and we will provide you with first-hand updated information as soon as possible! At the same time, you are also welcome to interact with us in the fan profession, which will give us more motivation to move forward!


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